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Murali Mind Clinic in Poga Thota, Nellore Murali Mind Clinic in Nellore. Psychiatrists with Address, Contact Number, Photos, Maps. View Murali Mind Clinic, Nellore on Justdial. An eminent psychiatrist, Murali Mind Clinic at Poga Thota, Nellore has been practicing since 2006. A recognized name in the field of psychiatry, the doctor has received a lot of appreciation for his contribution to the society. The psychiatrist can be reached at the clinic situated at S2 Raghava Cine Complex Road at Poga Thota, a renowned neighbourhood of the city. Those new to the vicinity can locate the clinic S2 Raghava Cine Complex Road which is a famous landmark in the area. In all the years of practice, the psychiatrist has been involved in solving various mental disorders in children, adults as well as elderly people. It is the compassionate approach of the practitioner that makes patients feel at ease and be vocal with the doctor, allowing the doctor to gauge various symptoms for prognosis of the disorder. Services Offered by Murali Mind Clinic Murali Mind Clinic at Poga Thota has played a pivotal role in improving the health and well-being of a number of patients facing mental challenges. By developing a doctor-patient relationship, the psychiatrist forges a bond with the patient so as to understand the behavioural pattern of the patient. With a proper study and observation of abnormalities related to the mood, behaviour and cognition, the psychiatrist diagnosis the problem and suggests adequate treatment for the same. The doctor specializes in various sub-specialties which include alcohol de-addiction, drug de-addiction, tobacco de-addiction, depression counselling, psychological counselling, schizophrenia disorder and psychometric tests. The doctor does a thorough check of the physical health of the patient to ensure whether the disorder is a combination of a physical and mental ailment or is only a mental ailment. The psychiatrist is involved in counselling the patients as well as prescribing medication and at times, laboratory tests, depending on the case. Patients can get in touch with the practitioner on +(91)-861-2349944. The clinic is functional from 10:00 - 20:30 from Monday to Saturday.
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